Indian Culinary Experts

Our Indian culinary experts who are working since year 2016 in Ningbo, collectively have over 10 years of experience in providing authentic Indian taste in various 5 stars hotels in India.

Finest Organic Ingredients

We use only the finest organic Ingredients and selected spices Imported directly from India. This does not just make for flavorful dishes, but also insures that each dish is very healthy and fresh without losing the authenticity of their flavor.

Feel the Spark

Our dedicated and humble staff is strive to provide a calm, peaceful environment, where friends and families can enjoy a great meal, socialize and get together, organize their ceremonies and parties and feel like home.

WELCOME TO KBFKebab Beer Factory.

Indian Food, it is hardly surprising that a nation of such complexity and sheer vastness the definition of a national cuisine is, at best, exclusive. Certainly, Indians are masterful with spices, blending ultimate combinations tailored to each dish. The chef’s utilize ancient traditional ingredients to anchor the menu, dishes are richly flavored, portions are generous and are individually created to please all your distinct tastes and choices.

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Our Special's Authentic Indian Cuisine

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